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    Description of Sepsis

    One of the more serious results of nursing home neglect is a condition known as “sepsis.” It is a bacterial infection of the blood. If left untreated, the infection can become fatal.

    Sepsis results from infection and can also result from progression of untreated bed sores or surgical and slow healing wounds. The elderly are especially at risk for sepsis due to their decreased levels of immunity. Symptoms of sepsis include vomiting, nausea, irregular body temperature, body pain and seizures.

    How to Treat Sepsis

    Treatment of sepsis requires immediate medical attention.  Severe cases require aggressive treatment which includes surgical removal or drainage of the source of the infection and antibiotics.

    Because sepsis is a possible sign of nursing home neglect, report the incident to Adult Protective Services (APS).  It is the responsibility of Adult Protective Services to investigate instances of neglect against elderly individuals.  A list of Adult Protective Services’ contact information organized by California county is provided by the National Care Planning Council.

    You can also contact your local ombudsman.  Your local ombudsman will investigate any complaints made against long-term care facilities in order to resolve the problem.  You can call their Crisis line at 1-800-231-4024 or visit the California Department of Aging website for a list of county ombudsman phone numbers in California.

    What Causes Sepsis

    Sepsis is caused by a bacterial infection that can emanate from anywhere in the body. Sepsis can also result from infected, non-healed surgical wounds and bed sores. Neglect is a primary cause of sepsis in nursing or assisted living facilities; employees often fail to properly tend to their patients in order to prevent infection, making their patients more susceptible.

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    If your loved one’s sepsis is a result of nursing home neglect, you may be able to sue for damages.  York Law Firm has several experienced elder abuse and neglect attorneys who can handle your case.  Our lawyers serve clients in Sacramento, Fairfield, Roseville, Elk Grove, Folsom, Fairfield and the Bay Area.  We will work diligently to obtain the full measure of compensation to which you are entitled.