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Emotional Abuse and Neglect

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    Description of Emotional Abuse and Neglect

    Emotional or psychological abuse occurs when someone speaks to or treats an elderly person in a demoralizing way, causing the elder emotional distress.  Examples of emotional abuse can range from name-calling to subjecting the elder to humiliation or even intimidating or threatening the individual.

    Elder neglect is the most common form of elder abuse, constituting more than half of all reported cases.  Generally, it means that the caregiver fails to fulfill her obligation to take care of the elder.  Some examples of neglect include failing to feed or adequately clean the patient, forgetting to administer proper medication or leaving the patient in restraints for hours or days at a time or failing to provide nursing care to prevent pressure sores.  Signs of elder neglect can include unusual weight loss, malnutrition, untreated physical problems, dehydration, pressure sores, among others.

    What to do if Your Loved One has been the Victim of Elder Neglect or Abuse

    The most effective “treatment” of elder emotional abuse or neglect would be to leave your loved one in the care of someone or someplace you trust.  Make sure to research ahead of time and choose the correct elder care facility for your loved one in order to prevent emotional abuse and neglect.

    If you discover that your loved one is being emotionally abused or neglected, be sure to to your local ombudsman.  Ombudsmen serve as advocates for nursing home residents.  Contact the California Department of Aging for the name and number of the nearest you.

    Also, you can contact your county Adult Protective Services (APS). APS is responsible for investigating complaints of abuse, exploitation and neglect of adults who are elderly or disabled.  A list of Adult Protective Services’ contact information organized by California county is provided by the National Care Planning Council.

    Lastly, enlist the legal services of York Law Firm. Our experienced elder abuse attorneys have won millions of dollars on behalf of our clients in cases of elder abuse and neglect.

    What Causes Elder Neglect and Abuse?

    Like most cases of elder abuse, a main cause of emotional abuse or neglect in nursing homes is due to inadequate staffing. Unfortunately, most nursing home and assisted living facilities are concerned primarily with the bottom line: making a profit. They will cut corners, even if this means their patients receive lesser quality care as a result, and it most often does. Because many nursing facilities are understaffed and undertrained, patients are frequently neglected.

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